Treadmill Desk

What Does Treadmill Desk Mean?

A treadmill desk can be set up in many different ways. Typically, a stable tray or desktop will be attached vertically to the treadmill. Treadmill controls may be top-mounted, side-mounted or remote. Treadmill desks will typically have all of the resources for hooking up a desktop or laptop computer, and telephone infrastructure may also be attached.


Techopedia Explains Treadmill Desk

Treadmill desks, as well as similar installations like biking desks, are based on new information about overall body health. Scientists have determined that light movement throughout the day is likely to improve holistic health and longevity. With this in mind, a whole spectrum of office fitness aids has emerged, including unstable chairs and other setups that help to challenge the body’s core. Treadmill desks are a unique way to get walking exercise while doing otherwise sedentary activities.

The idea of using treadmill desks is relatively new, and it might take some time for a given professional to transition into this type of work setup. However, many who have tried these machines are very impressed with their ability to work while getting much-needed physical exercise. Some users report that they are tempted to amp up physical activities beyond what they can handle while doing office work, but with the right discipline and technique, these machines can be a big part of helping people to handle the challenge of balancing their work and personal lives and live healthier in the future.


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