True Multitasking

What Does True Multitasking Mean?

True multitasking is the ability of a processor or operating system to execute and process more than one task at a time, rather than switching between them. It is a multitasking technique that enables the underlying hardware or software system to perform multiple tasks in parallel.


Techopedia Explains True Multitasking

True multitasking is considered a true form of multitasking because the processor or the operating system are processing and running multiple processes and applications in parallel. In other multitasking forms, the processor or operating system executes each process or application in turns, meaning each is processed at a separate time. Most modern operating systems and processors support true multitasking.

For example, Intel Dual Core and further series of processors can use multiple cores to process more than one task simultaneously. Similarly, a user can use multiple applications in a computer at the same time.


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