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Kyoto Cooling

What Does Kyoto Cooling Mean?

Kyoto cooling is a cooling alternative for data centers and other infrastructure. Kyoto cooling can help decrease carbon dioxide emissions and otherwise preserve resources.


Techopedia Explains Kyoto Cooling

The use of the term kyoto cooling gives users and IT managers a clue that this type of cooling system is energy efficient. The kyoto cooling system uses something called a kyoto wheel that uses sophisticated air currents to cool IT systems. Power savings for kyoto cooling, as opposed to earlier types of data center and infrastructure cooling, can result in over 80% to 85% in terms of energy savings.

Although kyoto cooling has dominated the energy-efficient cooling industry, other companies are promoting their own systems to cool IT infrastructure efficiently. These offerings are a large part of the green computing movement that is getting so much attention in the general IT world, where decision-makers are often looking to reduce energy costs and conserve resources.


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