Null-Modem Cable

What Does Null-Modem Cable Mean?

A null-modem cable is a type of specialized cable that allows users to eliminate traditional device-linking systems (such as a modem). With a null-modem cable, users can link two computers to enable direct communication through serial port connections.


A null-modem cable is also known as a crossover cable.

Techopedia Explains Null-Modem Cable

Typically, null-modem cables utilize RS-232 communications ports for transmission and receipt. Use of these cables may require handshake authentication. Null-modem cables are often used for localized gaming, where two computers are in proximity, or for linking a specific computer to a greater hardware system. The basic idea of using null-modem cables is that those who are paying for hardware setups can eliminate the purchase of connecting devices or more costly solutions just by using one of these crossover cables.


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