Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory

What Does Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory Mean?

The term Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory or RCFL in IT refers to a specific project of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigations or FBI. The FBI has established a set of full-service forensics laboratories and training sites to support various FBI objectives.


Techopedia Explains Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory

Specific FBI objectives supported by RCFLs include the pursuit of terrorists, financial criminals, and identity thieves. Child pornography, violent crime, Internet fraud and other criminal categories are also part of the enforcement that RCFLs support.

A RCFL site may involve various levels of federal, state and local staff. Generally, these staffers will acquire and assess digital evidence and pursue other forms of digital forensics.

In various kinds of law enforcement, digital forensics is becoming a very powerful part of investigations. RCFL staffers, or other computer forensics pros, can look deeper into hardware devices to find previously deleted or encrypted information that may provide critical help in any sort of terminal investigations. Many of the successes of RCFLs are archived on an FBI web site at


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