What Does Fangirl Mean?

Fangirl is slang for an enthusiast who is extremely loyal to a particular technology, product or brand. This term is generally used to refer to aficionados of everything from literature to fashion, but in the tech world it refers to those who are loyal to specific brands or products.


Techopedia Explains Fangirl

For example, devoted Apple product users are known as fangirls. As Apple’s products have become more dominant in the consumer industry, pundits often refer to Apple fanboys and fangirls as those who exclusively use these products and promote them to others.

The term fangirl is closely related to the term fanboy (also spelled fanboi), although each term is used somewhat differently. Fanboy has generally emerged as the more dominant term, but often has negative connotations. However, fangirl has emerged as a positive term for a tech enthusiast. In looking at the different term meanings, it is useful to consider the broad discrepancy between male and female technology enthusiasts. While a fanboy may refer to someone who is overly obsessed with technology, a fangirl is considered more rare and, thus, carries a more positive connotation.


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