Space Hacking

What Does Space Hacking Mean?

The term ‘space hacking’ is a worker initiative where individuals decorate their workspaces creatively.


Techopedia Explains Space Hacking

Although it sounds at first glance like a form of cyberattack, space hacking is similar to the term ‘life hacking’ in that the ‘hacking’ in question is a creative improvement of an aspect of someone’s life.

There are several different types of space hacking. Some are related to simply using color schemes and other decorative strategies to innovate a workspace.

Some are more particular to IT would include phenomena such as office or desktop products incorporating new wireless designs or other technologies, strategies for linking a worker dashboard to a greater software environment, or the use of personal mobile devices to perform some kind of workplace or work-related activity.

Space hacking also depends upon the particular physical space that workers are given to operate in, and on the worker’s general philosophy of creative design.

While some forms of space hacking are completely focused on the creative use of objects, others take a more fundamental philosophy of space that’s similar to what’s been described as "feng shui" or the idea that physical space has a spiritual component, where complementary design can make a difference.


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