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Object-Oriented JavaScript

What Does Object-Oriented JavaScript Mean?

Object-oriented JavaScript is a type of object-oriented programming language (OOPL) that utilizes most of the object-oriented design and programming techniques within JavaScript-based programs and applications. It incorporates features and capabilities from an OOP context, but differently than standard OOP languages.


Techopedia Explains Object-Oriented JavaScript

Unlike other OOPLs, object-oriented JavaScript is prototype-based and does not utilize and support class statements. In turn, functions are used as a means to represent a class. New objects are derived by using a prototyping technique and by calling the object’s native constructor.

In most object-oriented languages, objects are derived from a class. Vehicle, which is a class in most other languages, is an object in object-oriented JavaScript. The other derivatives – such as car, truck and tractor – are prototypes of the object vehicle that are created by calling the vehicle method.


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