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Personal Communications Service (PCS)

What Does Personal Communications Service (PCS) Mean?

A personal communications service (PCS) is a type of wireless mobile service with advanced coverage and that delivers services at a more personal level. It generally refers to the modern mobile communication that boosts the capabilities of conventional cellular networks and fixed-line telephony networks as well.

PCS is also known as digital cellular.


Techopedia Explains Personal Communications Service (PCS)

A PCS works similarly to a cellular network in basic operations, but requires more service provider infrastructure to cover a wider geographical area. A PCS generally includes the following:

  • Wireless communication (data, voice and video)
  • Mobile PBX
  • Paging and texting
  • Wireless radio
  • Personal communication networks
  • Satellite communication systems, etc.

PCS has three broad categories: narrowband, broadband and unlicensed. TDMA, CDMA and GSM, and 2G, 3G and 4G are some of the common technologies that are used to deliver a PCS.



Digital Cellular

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