What Does Tizen Mean?

Tizen is an operating system based on Linux, the development of which is overseen by the Technical Steering Group organization which is comprised of Intel and Samsung. The sole focus of Tizen is to provide consistent user experience across devices. The operating system is functional in different devices such as smartphones, tablets, smart cameras, PCs and wearables.


Techopedia Explains Tizen

Tizen has been functional since 2012. It was developed after Samsung and Intel abandoned their projects of MeeGo and Limo. The Tizen operating system provides application development tools mostly based on JQuery Mobile, jQuery and JavaScript libraries. From Tizen Version 2 onward, a C++ native application framework based on Open Services Platform has also been available for use. The open governance model of Tizen was made with the help of inputs, suggestions and participation from the public.

In appearance, the Tizen operating system is similar to Android and has been developed to compete with both Google’s Android as well Apple’s iOS. Similar to Android, Tizen offers a notification bar, 3-D window effects, multitasking, multi-touch and dynamic boxes. Version 3 of Tizen supports 64-bit processors.

The NX300M smart camera from Samsung was the first consumer product based on the Tizen operating system. Systena produced the first tablet based on Tizen, whereas the Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch was the first smartwatch based on Tizen. Samsung also launched smartphones based on Tizen, namely the Samsung Z1 and Samsung Z3.

There are some key developer benefits associated with Tizen. Greater flexibility is possible for customizing the Tizen operating system and this capability can be used for developing products targeting specific demographics. Tizen supports CSS, HTML5 and JavaScript. As Tizen is open source, the applications made in the OS can still be compatible with other operating systems such as Android and iOS. Compared to Android, Tizen is lightweight and provides faster startup.

There are presently many challenges for the Tizen operating system. It needs to develop a Tizen app store for apps in smartphones and tablets. Another main challenge is to reproduce alternatives to all of Google’s services which are tightly integrated with the Android operating system.


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