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Sentiment Analysis

What Does Sentiment Analysis Mean?

Sentiment analysis is a type of data mining that measures the inclination of people’s opinions through natural language processing (NLP), computational linguistics and text analysis, which are used to extract and analyze subjective information from the Web – mostly social media and similar sources. The analyzed data quantifies the general public’s sentiments or reactions toward certain products, people or ideas and reveal the contextual polarity of the information.


Sentiment analysis is also known as opinion mining.

Techopedia Explains Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis uses data mining processes and techniques to extract and capture data for analysis in order to discern the subjective opinion of a document or collection of documents, like blog posts, reviews, news articles and social media feeds like tweets and status updates.

Sentiment analysis allows organizations to track the following:

  • Brand reception and popularity
  • New product perception and anticipation
  • Company reputation
  • Flame/rant detection

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