Secure Socket Layer Checker

What Does Secure Socket Layer Checker Mean?

A Secure Socket Layer (SSL) checker is a tool for analyzing a Secure Socket Layer certificate and ensuring good functionality for this security method on a website.


Techopedia Explains Secure Socket Layer Checker

The SSL protocol is the fundamental security protocol for web transactions. SSL uses a digital certificate to establish trusted connections between browser users and a site server.

An SSL checker is useful for making sure that the SSL certificate attached to a site is working the way that it should. IT professionals use a Secure Socket Layer checker to look at the various algorithms and data sets involved in the certificate and to make sure that it is configured properly for a site. They also look at the expiration date for a certificate—when site administrators allow a certificate to lapse, it causes problems with SSL functionality. By keeping tabs on the chronology of a certificate, observers can maintain a smoother process for site security and authentication.

A Secure Socket Layer checker can also be used for troubleshooting existing problems with SSL certificates. For instance, aside from expiration, IT administrators can face different kinds of glitches or errors in certificate use, such as a maximum length of character strings, or other problems that may trigger "bad data" errors or other kinds of errors.


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