Storage Area Network Certificate

What Does Storage Area Network Certificate Mean?

A storage area network (SAN) certificate is a certificate given to a network engineer or any IT professional who has passed the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) Storage Networking Certificate Program (SNCP) examination.


This credential indicates that the individual has attained a strong foundation in terms of vendor-neutral and systems-level knowledge. This is meant to complement and integrate with individual vendor-specific certifications in the networking and storage field.

Techopedia Explains Storage Area Network Certificate

The storage area network certificate can be attained by storage professionals or other IT professionals by taking SNIA exams from the concepts, applications or solutions area. SNIA certifications are a way to recognize storage and data management professionals, indicating that they have the industry-standard knowledge and skill sets in their field.

Certification road map:

  1. CompTIA Storage+ Powered by SNIA Exam (Concepts domain) – Certified professional is called SNIA Certified Storage Professional (SCSP). This is a requirement certification for the applications and solutions domain.
  2. Storage Networking Management/Administration Exam (Applications domain) – Certified professionals are called SNIA Certified Storage Engineer (SCSE)
  3. Assessment, Planning and Design Exam (Solutions domain) – Certified professionals are called SNIA Certified Storage Architect (SCSA)

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