Apache SSL Certificate

What Does Apache SSL Certificate Mean?

An Apache SSL certificate is a specific type of secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate for an Apache server or web traffic handler.


The Apache license is an open-source license, where a community of developers has implemented a number of resources like HTTP server tools. An Apache SSL certificate helps these kinds of technologies to access the SSL security protocol that is part of many Internet interactions.

Techopedia Explains Apache SSL Certificate

As part of a layered protocol for security, SSL establishes some types of consistent data transmissions for Internet use. It is part of a multilayer security process and works with Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). It is one option for this type of security, where a modern alternative called transport layer security (TLS) is also available.

In order to set up Apache servers and configure them properly, IT managers typically need an Apache SSL certificate. SSL works through a system of security keys and digital certificates. A digital certificate establishes a site and server as legitimate in terms of SSL security.

Managers can acquire an Apache SSL certificate from various sources and install it by copying certificate files to the server and configuring accordingly.


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