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What Does Multi-Domain SSL Mean?

A multi-domain SSL is a unique type of SSL certificate which secures the user’s main external domain and several additional DNS names, generally known as subject alternative names (SANs). The number of domain names the users can secure depends on the multi-domain SSL plan chosen from a particular provider. It can range from five to 200 or more, depending on the plan.


Multi-domain SSL certificates make use of SANs to give users the flexibility to secure several domain names, subdomains as well as public IP addresses using just one SSL certificate and one IP address.

Multi-Domain SSL lets users deploy domain security features and facilitate protected client access via the Internet.

A multi-domain SSL is also known as a multi-domain SSL certificate.

Techopedia Explains Multi-Domain SSL

Multi-domain SSL was originally developed for Unified Communications applications; however, it can benefit anyone who plans to consolidate several domain names into a single IP address and SSL certificate.

Multi-domain SSL is the ideal way to secure users’ client access servers using just one industrial-strength SSL certificate. Users are allowed to mix all their different second-level domains, for example,,,,,, etc. Multi-domain SSLs cut costs as well as save time and effort. The service is offered in different packages, depending on various service providers. For example, it can be offered from one to five years at a reasonable price. Users are allowed to add more SAN DNS names anytime during the certificate life cycle, complying to the conditions put forward by the service provider.

Most multi-domain SSL certificates include the following features:

  • 2048-bit SSL certificates that are future proof
  • Includes authenticated details of the organization
  • Single certificate can secure both and
  • Widely works with all main browsers, mobile platforms, other devices, etc.
  • Malware monitoring service on the selected domains
  • Phishing alert service
  • Unlimited server licensing
  • Reissue as often as required all through the validity period
  • Clickable secure site seal
  • SSL configuration checker

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