Unified Communications Certificate

What Does Unified Communications Certificate Mean?

A Unified Communications Certificate (UCC) is a type of multi-domain certificate used in SSL authentication. It allows for the inclusion of multiple domain names and host names within a domain in one certificate.


A Unified Communications Certificate is also known as a Storage Area Network (SAN) Certificate.

Techopedia Explains Unified Communications Certificate

Secure Sockets Layer or SSL is the fundamental Web security method for using encrypted links between a server and a Web browser. SSL uses certificates to establish authentication. These digital certificates are set up in different ways. The Unified Communications Certificate (UCC) can secure a domain name and a number of other “subject alternative names” in one certificate.

Experts claim that the UCC is good for certain server setups, such as some Microsoft Exchange server systems. The use of a UCC can also be a more efficient way to provide certification for a number of pages or sites. However, the UCC has certain limitations. Some providers, for example, do not allow changes to the certificate after purchase. Also, the UCC may only list the primary domain name or it may display information about the linked sites that the owner would rather not display. Some hosting companies provide their own UCC solutions with their own terms and explain the benefits and drawbacks for a particular project.


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