Internet Information Services Certificate

What Does Internet Information Services Certificate Mean?

An Internet information services certificate (IIS certificate) is a security certificate which is installed, used or issued in conjunction with IIS server software.


The certificate services on Microsoft’s Internet information service gives a server the functionality to issue or revoke digital security certificates such as SSL certificates. This requires a server to become a dedicated certificate server.

Techopedia Explains Internet Information Services Certificate

An IIS certificate is any kind of cryptographic certificate used in the public key infrastructure of the Internet that is being handled by Microsoft’s Internet Information Service – server software used in conjunction with servers running Microsoft Windows operating systems.

When acting as dedicated certificate servers, IIS servers must be configured in any one of the following Certificate Authority (CA) configuration:

  • Enterprise root CA

  • Stand-alone root CA

  • Enterprise subordinate CA

  • Stand-alone subordinate CA

The management of IIS certificates is specifically handled by the Microsoft Management Console snap-in working together with a web application. With these programs, administrators can view issued, pending, revoked and failed certificate requests.


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