Site Recovery Manager

What Does Site Recovery Manager Mean?

Site Recovery Manager is a tool provided by the VMWare company for data backup and recovery. This type of resource helps with virtualized networks and other similar setups.


Techopedia Explains Site Recovery Manager

Site Recovery Manager is offered as a "disaster recovery software" with automated processes for virtualized systems.

At the heart of the Site Recovery Manager design is the idea of quick and affordable recovery. VMWare offers this software under the slogan "disaster recovery at half the cost," and offers features like one-click recovery for making recovery processes simpler to administrate. There are also backup protocols for single applications, and testing tools for recovery processes to help make these processes more concrete and predictable.

The Site Recovery Manager design includes automated failback and failover, where these types of backup and recovery methods can provide seamless operations when a given location is compromised. Through the idea of system and application recovery support, non-intrusive testing and carefully orchestrated data migration, Site Recovery Manager can help users to put together the most efficient recovery plan for various types of IT emergencies.


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