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What Does DumpSec Mean?

DumpSec is a software application used to build reports about security configuration for a system. It’s compatible with Windows products and developed by a company called SomarSoft. In general, using DumpSec and similar tools helps network and system monitors to administrate aspects of complex IT setups.


Security experts use these kinds of resources to identify and fix security holes or weaknesses in systems. These tools assist those who work for legitimate businesses trying to build security into established IT systems, against the efforts of various hackers and black hat developers trying to exploit vulnerabilities in a system.

Techopedia Explains DumpSec

In terms of specific function, SomarSoft DumpSec dumps permissions and various settings for a file system into a reporting format in order to allow more readability. Reviewers also get information on individual system users and groups of users.

Company resources show that these programs are offered as freeware for Windows NT and 200x.

Although some IT professionals may use the term DumpSec generically to refer to a similar security feature or product, it’s most accurate and precise to defer to the branded software product developed for the specific purpose.

Some cyberattacks operate on the basis of profit or to steal sensitive information, where others are more experimental and may not be motivated by the same concrete goals. Either way, security professionals have to deal with a wide spectrum of threats to networks and systems, and having detailed knowledge of specific tools, even tools as straightforward as reporting software, is important.


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