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Remote Procedural Call Server (RPC Server)

What Does Remote Procedural Call Server (RPC Server) Mean?

A remote procedural call (RPC) server is a network communication interface that provides remote connection and communication services to RPC clients.

It enables remote users or RPC clients to execute commands and transfer data using RPC calls or over the RPC protocol.


Techopedia Explains Remote Procedural Call Server (RPC Server)

An RPC server works in a type of client/server model where the RPC server provides application/server services and features to remotely connected RPC clients. Typically, an RPC server works when a request is received from an RPC client. This request can be for server access, data or any other server-based request. All communication between the RPC server and RPC client is performed over the RPC server. The RPC server manages all the conversations between the server and client device.

Microsoft Exchange Server is a common example of an RPC server.


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