Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control

What Does Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control Mean?

Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC) is a vendor-neutral certification that validates an individual’s skills in the fields of information system control and risk management.


It is developed, maintained and tested by ISACA. CRISC is designed for individuals that help businesses in implementing information system controls and mitigate business risks.

Techopedia Explains Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control

To qualify for certification, an individual must pass a three-hour exam and have five years of experience in IT risk management or any of the key domains listed below:

  • Risk identification, assessment and evaluation
  • Risk response
  • Risk monitoring
  • Information systems control design and implementation
  • IS control monitoring and maintenance

The individual must have skills and practical experience in information system control and risk management and a grasp of IS control and risk frameworks. The job of a CRISC-certified individual is to design and implement information system control and management strategy to protect an organization from IT risks.

Risk professionals, control professionals, business analysts and project managers are some of the job roles associated with CRISC qualification.


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