Forefront Client Security

What Does Forefront Client Security Mean?

Forefront Client Security is a proprietary information security software suite developed and published by the Microsoft Corporation. It is designed specifically to scan, identify and remove viruses and malware from Windows-based client-end computing devices within an enterprise IT environment.


In addition to client devices, Forefront Client Security can also be installed on a server for centrally managing instances of the program/application installed on client-end devices.

Techopedia Explains Forefront Client Security

Forefront Client Security is a unified desktop anti-virus software for enterprise IT users/networks/environments. It is compatible with Windows Server 2000 and Windows XP, and later server and client-end operating systems. It includes a real-time virus scanner that immediately notifies the user of any threat/virus identified on the system. It can also perform automated scheduled scans and support system recovery. It can be integrated with Windows Update services to automatically update all computers without manually updating each one of them.

Forefront Client Security has been retired in favor of the newer Forefront Endpoint Protection anti-virus and malware software suite.


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