Vulnerability Management System

What Does Vulnerability Management System Mean?

A vulnerability management system is a system for managing software vulnerabilities. These vulnerability management systems consist of different kinds of features that can protect software programs and software environments from malware, viruses or hacking.


Techopedia Explains Vulnerability Management System

Experts define vulnerability management as the process of identifying, classifying and handling vulnerabilities. A comprehensive vulnerability management system promotes consistent processes for dealing with a wide spectrum of cyber threats.

Part of a vulnerability management system may involve an index of software patches and upgrades for key parts of the software system. Experts also recommend vulnerability scans that look for risk factors across complex software systems. In some cases, this involves a multi-phase process that consists of multiple scans and remediation efforts.

Professionals can also set the criteria for a vulnerability management system according to the particular risk appetite of a company, or an agreed prioritization of different kinds of security management factors. This may involve getting together various "players" such as asset owners, IT engineers and security officers, as well as key executives.

Other aspects of a vulnerability management system differ in terms of what kinds of software and systems are used. Overall, it is a good idea to delegate the work of keeping updated on the products and services of specific vendors in order to understand the challenges that the business’ IT infrastructure faces.


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