Agile Software Testing

What Does Agile Software Testing Mean?

Agile software testing is a software quality assurance and testing framework that uses Agile techniques and framework to test software.


It uses the core principles of Agile Framework in testing and evaluating software, for example, testing a software incrementally and collaboratively working on test feedback with the team throughout the software’s development life cycle. It is done through a combination of automated and manual testing techniques.

Techopedia Explains Agile Software Testing

Agile software testing generally starts from when the first module or component of software is available for review. The complete software is incrementally tested for code errors and bugs. The results from each phase/component are shared with the development team, who collaboratively works on the tests’ feedback. The team then prioritizes and eliminates the bugs and errors. The process is repeated until the software is completely developed and is testing has shown the software to be free from bugs.

The core components/phases within Agile software testing techniques include:

  • Functional testing
  • Exploratory testing
  • Unit testing
  • Performance load testing

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