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Load Testing Software

What Does Load Testing Software Mean?

Load testing software is a type of software that tests a software or web application by implementing user load on it. It mimics user load/requests on software by implementing a large quantity of simultaneous connection or access requests on the tested software or applications.


Load testing software is also known as stress testing software.

Techopedia Explains Load Testing Software

Load testing software primarily tests a software’s robustness or availability under normal to extreme operational conditions. Load testing helps in evaluating the limit or capacity of the software until which it can provide normal services without being burdened under user/processes load.

The load testing software exhibits or applies logical user load on the software—implying the same number of input/output or other user requests as in a real-world environment. The testing process starts with applying a load equal to that of a few users and gradually increasing the number of user requests. The resultant data also helps in identifying the number of simultaneous users a website or software can handle.


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