Cloud Networking

What does Cloud Networking mean?

Cloud networking is the sourcing or utilization of one or more network resources and services from the cloud.

It entails shifting some or all network operations onto a cloud-based network. The network resources are hosted on a public, private or hybrid cloud platform. Network resources can be virtual routers, bandwidth, virtual firewall, any network management software and more.


Techopedia explains Cloud Networking

There are two types of cloud networking:

  • Cloud-enabled networking - Using cloud resources to manage an in-house/local network, such as using a SaaS network management software or anti-virus solution to manage and secure an in-house network.
  • Cloud-based networking - Using networking resources entirely from the cloud. For the operations to be performed entirely over the cloud, the network nodes and equipment must also be cloud based.

Cloud networking may involve solutions such as interconnecting multiple virtual private servers or connecting a virtual machine with cloud storage.


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