Laptop Security

What Does Laptop Security Mean?

In general, laptop security is a term for the various products and techniques used to prevent the theft of laptop computers.


Laptop security solutions can involve physical lock-and-key systems, locator devices, or other kinds of items that make it difficult for thieves to steal laptop computers.

Techopedia Explains Laptop Security

Laptop security is in some ways a response to a significant trend in IT-related theft. Some estimates from venues like PCMag estimate that over 12,000 laptops are stolen just from U.S. airports in a given year. That has led companies to offer a range of security products for laptop security for devices that are ultimately portable and thus, relatively easy to steal.

Simple lock-and-key systems prevent the physical theft of laptops from public locations. Other types of laptop security tools involve tracking devices, where laptop owners can track the movement of their devices if they are stolen, like car owners using vehicle locators such as LoJack. In addition, some companies offer more sophisticated laptop security tools. For instance, Intel offers antitheft security technology with immediate shutdown features that make laptops less accessible to thieves. All of these types of protection fall into the general category of laptop security.


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