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Tier 2 Data Center

What Does Tier 2 Data Center Mean?

A Tier 2 data center is a location that has multiple sources of servers, network links and other data center components.


It is a center that has redundant components but only one path/source or partial redundancy in data center power and cooling resources.

A Tier 2 data center is also known as a Level 2 data center.

Techopedia Explains Tier 2 Data Center

A Tier 2 data center has the same or enhanced components and features of a Tier 1 data center, but with redundant capacity or infrastructure components.

It is the second tier of data centers introduced by the Uptime Institute. In a Tier 2 data center, a power component or equipment can be replaced or removed without interrupting power supply to the core computing components.

It guarantees 99.741% availability with approximately 22 hours of downtime per year. It is generally used by medium-sized businesses.


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