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Data Center Cooling

What Does Data Center Cooling Mean?

Data center cooling refers to the collective equipment, tools, techniques and processes that ensure an ideal operating temperature within a data center facility.


Proper data center cooling ensures that the data center is supplied with enough cooling and ventilation necessary to keep all devices and equipment within the desired temperature range.

Techopedia Explains Data Center Cooling

Data center cooling systems consist of:

  • Infrastructure: Cooling towers, air conditioners, air ducts, etc.
  • Management: Data center and/or purpose-built cooling management software
  • Monitoring: Temperature monitoring equipment and procedures within each device/equipment across the data center facility

Data center cooling is also analyzed within data center design, as appropriate rooms are allocated for all the cooling equipment and air ducts within the data center facility. It also includes temperature alarm systems, where automated notifications are sent to the administrator in the case of a temperature rise in a server, rack or room. Usually such features are delivered through the data center management software or a separate vendor-provided cooling software/solution.


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