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What Does Data Center Technician Mean?

A data center technician is a skilled professional who supports a company’s data center.


As a central IT resource, the data center often has its own designated personnel and processes for maintaining this specific operation within a tech infrastructure.

Techopedia Explains Data Center Technician

Much of the work of a data center technician can be very hands-on, as these individuals may work with individual servers or hardware components for networks.

This may also involve working within the confines of the business space, i.e. running cables or even improving physical security around the data center through various building projects or types of maintenance work.

In terms of the data center environment, a data center technician also may do a lot of work around utilities and support for the data center.

Looking at redundant power sources, heating and cooling controls and more can be a regular part of what the data center technician does.

There’s also the logical or virtual side of data center technician work – these individuals may run reports related to the operation of a data center that have more to do with the data coming in and out than anything physical or mechanical.

In general, the data center technician may be responsible for handling questions and concerns from various sources and providing the right information to business leaders about what a data center is doing and how to optimize these business processes.

In terms of technology requirements, data center technicians may be asked about competency with operating systems, as well as various scripting languages and different kinds of network hardware deployment. Employers also may ask about certifications from groups like CompTIA as part of data center technician qualifications.


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