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Data Center Construction

What Does Data Center Construction Mean?

Data center construction is the collective set of processes used to physically construct a data center facility.


It combines construction standards data center operational environment requirements.

Techopedia Explains Data Center Construction

Data center construction primarily focuses on designing and building a data center using these key factors:

  • Capacity: The floorplan of the data center must have enough room to house all servers and equipment for current and perceived future use.
  • Disaster Tolerant: The data center facility must be able to resist natural disasters and calamities such as earthquakes, floods, snowstorms, tornados, etc. Moreover, the data center construction also looks for ways to prevent disasters, such as adequate water tanks and hoses within the facility for putting out a fire.
  • Efficient Design: The overall design should be straightforward and require minimal wiring. With the shift towards green data centers, efficient air flow, renewable energy resources and other environmental factors are also taken into consideration.

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