Data Center Automation

What Does Data Center Automation Mean?

Data center automation is the process of managing and automating the workflow and processes of a data center facility.


It enables automating the bulk of the data center operations, management, monitoring and maintenance tasks that otherwise are performed manually by human operators.

Techopedia Explains Data Center Automation

Data center automation is primarily delivered through a composite data center automation software solution that provides centralized access to all or most data center resources.

Typically, data center automation enables automating the servers, network and other data center management tasks.

Some of the features of a data center automation solution include:

  • Create and automate all data center scheduling and monitoring tasks.

  • Provide data center-wide insight into server nodes and their configurations.

  • Automates routine processes such as patching, updating and reporting

  • Enables data center processes and controls to be in compliance with the standards and policies.


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