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What Does Data Center Monitoring Mean?

Data center monitoring is the process of monitoring, managing and operating a data center to be in compliance with the operating and organizational requirements.


It is the process of using manual and automated tools and techniques to ensure the best operating health of a data center. It ensures that the key functions and services of a data center are delivered without any interruptions or abnormalities.

Data center monitoring is also known as data center management.

Techopedia Explains Data Center Monitoring

Data center monitoring is a broad process that focuses on monitoring the entire data center infrastructure. Typically, data center monitoring is performed through automated tools that provide statistical insights into data center performance/status. This data is used by data center administrators in identifying irregularities and in fixing them.

Data center monitoring usually incorporates:

  • Monitoring data center servers and computers for performance, security uptime and more
  • Monitoring and managing network operations and resolving network problems as they arise
  • Providing end-to-end visibility across all data center components including computers, storage, network and software

In addition to monitoring IT-specific components, data center monitoring also focuses on monitoring supported elements such as:

  • Power availability and consumption
  • Data center temperature, and the heating and ventilation systems
  • Physical data center security to restrict unauthorized personnel from entering the premises

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