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Data Center Management Software

Last updated: July 7, 2014

What Does Data Center Management Software Mean?

Data center management software is purpose-built software that provides insights into data center operations, performance and data center management task automation. It provides a centralized platform for accessing and managing data center infrastructure and services across a data center.

Data center management software is also known as data center infrastructure management software (DCIM software).


Techopedia Explains Data Center Management Software

Data center management software provides a method of viewing and managing data center infrastructure.

Key data center management software services include:

  • Device information: Allows administrators to view brief or detailed information of each device (like a server, router or switch) in a data center
  • Data center rooms and racks layout: Graphical overview of the current layout/map of the rooms and racks
  • Cabling: How cable patches are organized in between different components, rooms and racks
  • Power management: Enables viewing and control if the power and cooling in the data center
  • Automating processes: Automates most or all administrative processes, such as scheduling and initiating device/data backups


Data Center Infrastructure Management Software (DCIM Software)

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