Data Center Transformation

What Does Data Center Transformation Mean?

Data center transformation is the process of changing a data center to improve its overall functionality and performance. Some experts define and characterize data center transformation as large-scale programs of change that affect many of the key parts of data center use, including hardware setups, users and business processes.


Techopedia Explains Data Center Transformation

Some specific kinds of data center transformation involve integrating cloud computing concepts or network virtualization to an existing data center. Many company data centers are truly at the heart of a business’s IT infrastructure, but not all of them are set up to benefit from the kind of automation and elasticity provided by cloud computing or similar designs. That means that the data center will have to be transformed into something more modern that can handle remote access or other functionality.

In terms of network virtualization, data center transformation may involve replacing specific physical hardware pieces with logical items like virtual machines and virtual storage drives. Other kinds of data center transformation simply change the methodology of business processes, again, adding applicable technologies, in order to make data centers more relevant and useful to the way that a business wants to work in the future. Experts present the concept of data center transformation as a puzzle for the chief IT officer or head of IT at a company, who has to make tough decisions about cost, value and implementation when putting together programs to substantially change this major IT asset.


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