Network Security Administrator

What Does Network Security Administrator Mean?

A network security administrator is an individual that manages, monitors and administers security over one or more computer networks.


A network security administrator primarily ensures that a network is secured from any internal or external security threats and incidents. This individual is part of a network operations and management team.

Techopedia Explains Network Security Administrator

Network security administrators typically design and implement a network security policy across the network. They have basic to advanced familiarity and skills in network operations, network security threats and vulnerabilities, as well as measures and strategies to mitigate them. They usually work in collaboration with network administrators and engineers to ensure network-wide security.

Some of the tasks of network security administrators include:

  • Design, implement and manage a foolproof network security policy
  • Implement and configure security software and tools such as anti-virus, firewall, intrusion detection and more
  • Identify known and unknown network vulnerabilities and ways to counteract them

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