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Deleted File Recovery

What Does Deleted File Recovery Mean?

Deleted file recovery is the process of recovering and restoring data and files that are deleted deliberately or accidentally by a user or through a virus/malware. It enables users to recover the same instance of a file that was deleted from the computer or storage device.


Deleted file recovery is also known as undeleting files.

Techopedia Explains Deleted File Recovery

Deleted file recovery primarily refers to recovering deleted files that were emptied from the recycle bin of the computer, or lost their system formatting. Typically, in computer storage, data usually is not erased from the drive, even after emptying the recycle bin and disk formatting. Instead, for each file/data that is deleted or formatted, the storage drive removes the access to that location, and marks it as available for future data storage needs.

The deleted file recovery process can still access that data until any new data has been overwritten on that location. Deleted file recovery is done through a data or deleted file recovery software.


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