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What Does Biohacking Mean?

Biohacking refers to the application of IT hacks to biological systems – most prominently, the human body – but also the entire biosphere. Biohacking encompasses a wide spectrum of DIY IT projects and ideas.


Techopedia Explains Biohacking

Biohacking is generally linked to a form of the term “hacking” but implies a positive purpose. “White hat hacking” is a term that can be used to distinguish biohacking from IT manipulation that is used for fraud or criminal purposes. Some also describe biohacking as belonging to a “hacker ethic” that is based on positive principles, such as universal access to information and general quality of life improvement.

Biohacking can include body modifications, in which groups of people known as “grinders” experiment with implants and other methods of applying technologies to their bodies, such as wearable computing. Other types of biohacking may involve self-medical hacks, such as home DNA or genetic testing. Biohacking also can apply to the use of advanced IT for hydroponic plant systems or other projects that apply IT concepts to biological organisms.


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