File-Sharing Service

What Does File-Sharing Service Mean?

A file-sharing service is a type of online service that provides, mediates and monitors the transfer of computer files.


It a third-party service that provides the entire platform for sharing files between different users on the same or different networks.

Techopedia Explains File-Sharing Service

A file-sharing service primarily ensures that users are able to share multiple files successfully to multiple users simultaneously. Typically, a file-sharing service is an Internet or cloud service provider that hosts a number of storage servers and application-sharing software. A file-sharing service works through a combination of application sharing and cloud storage solutions. The user, using online files, selects the file to be shared. The file is uploaded to the storage servers and can be accessed using a file access URL.

File-sharing services keep track of document versions, ensuring the file is delivered securely and without any alteration or illegal copying. Such services also support sending large files, which is usually impossible with email.


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