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Code Analyzer

What Does Code Analyzer Mean?

A code analyzer is a type of software testing application that reviews, analyzes and reports on the source code structure of a program or software.


It is used by software testers and quality assurance professionals to evaluate a program under a number of different software coding/programming regulations.

A code analyzer is also known as a source code analyzer.

Techopedia Explains Code Analyzer

A code analyzer primarily automates most of the software code analysis process within a software testing life cycle. It scans and analyzes static code. Typically, a code analyzer is designed to review source code for known errors, programming context and overall program structure. It enables an understanding of the code behavior, program logic and relationships between components of the program.

The analysis is used by software testers, quality assurance staff and developers to remove errors and improve the overall code structure. It is also used as means to identify security vulnerabilities within a program.


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