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Botnet Attack

What Does Botnet Attack Mean?

A botnet attack is a type of malicious attack that utilizes a series of connected computers to attack or take down a network, network device, website or an IT environment.


It is perpetrated with the sole intent to disrupt normal working operations or degrade the overall service of the target system.

Techopedia Explains Botnet Attack

A botnet attack typically first requires creating numerous botnets or a botnet army. Once the attack is initiated, these botnets are used to send network/Internet-based requests to the target system in a large quantity. These requests can be in the form of simple ping messages to bulk email messages. The attack can slow down the network/server, making it busy enough that other legitimate users are unable to access it or temporarily freeze the server.

Distributed denial of service (DDOS) is common example of a botnet attack that utilizes a number of botnet devices to send a large number of simultaneous requests/packets to the targeted system.


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