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Big Data Analyst

What Does Big Data Analyst Mean?

A big data analyst is an individual that reviews, analyzes and reports on big data stored and maintained by an organization.


Big data analysts have a similar job description and skill set as that of data analysts, but they specialize in the analysis of big data or big data analytics.

Techopedia Explains Big Data Analyst

Big data analysts use manual techniques and automated big data analysis/analytics software to analyze large amounts of raw and unstructured data with the intent to find business insight, intelligence or any other useful information in it.

Typically, a big data analyst is well versed in big data concepts, possesses knowledge and skills in using database querying languages and big data analytics software, and has a good understanding of data mining and extraction techniques. A big data analyst usually works with data scientists, database developers/administrators and a management team that steers the scope and objective of big data analysis.


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