Windows Recovery

What Does Windows Recovery Mean?

Windows recovery is the process of recovering and restoring Windows OS to its normal or last known good configuration after it crashed, became corrupted or stopped working normally.


It is a Windows default process that aids users in recovering the operating system from technical flaws and errors.

Techopedia Explains Windows Recovery

Windows recovery typically requires access to an external system recovery disk with a pre-stored recovery point and time objectives, or through the Windows OS installation disc (usually a CD). Typically, a system restore disc is required when Windows is unbootable or inaccessible. To recover Windows using a recovery disk, the system is booted to the disk, and then the Windows recovery or system restore utilities automatically scan the system and repair the problems, restoring the Windows OS.

Windows recovery can also be performed on a working computer by using control panel’s System Restore feature to restore the system to a previous date and time. Windows XP and later releases support recovering and restoring Windows in Safe Mode as well.


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