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Mobile Recovery

Last updated: April 1, 2014

What Does Mobile Recovery Mean?

Mobile recovery is the process of using manual and automated techniques to recover and restore the data, files, firmware and/or applications of a mobile phone.

It is a systematic process carried out to recover a phone's normal working conditions after said conditions have been interrupted due to any problem or issue.

Mobile recovery is also known as cell phone recovery.


Techopedia Explains Mobile Recovery

Mobile recovery can be both hardware and software/data/application based.

Some of the reasons mobile recovery is required are:

  • Data loss, deletion

  • Application corruption or inaccessibility

  • A dead or worn-out cell phone processor, RAM or storage device/component

Typically, a software or data-based recovery process is performed through automated data/mobile recovery software that can recover deleted files and restore some or all applications. The hardware issues are resolved by repairing or replacing faulty parts and components.



Cellphone Recovery

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