Network Monitoring Software

What Does Network Monitoring Software Mean?

Network monitoring software is designed to monitor and manage the network traffic flow over a network.


It is mainly used by network administrators and security staff to monitor the operations of a network. It automates most of the network monitoring processes and workflow.

Techopedia Explains Network Monitoring Software

Typically, network monitoring software monitors a network’s:

  • Uptime
  • Availability
  • Response time

It can also monitor networks for unusual activity and alert the network administrator when something suspicious or malicious is detected over the network. The monitoring process can be for a physical/wireless LAN, WAN or both.

Network monitoring software provides information such as:

  • Active devices and equipment on a network
  • IP addressing scheme

It routinely reviews the network for availability and generates an alert and notification when a problem or issue is identified, such as when a router/server goes offline or a suspicious packet is detected.


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