Network Discovery Software

What Does Network Discovery Software Mean?

Network discovery software is a type of network software that enables users and network administrators to find network devices and/or nodes over a computer network.


It automates the process of network discovery and gathers network infrastructure data on a local network.

Network discovery software is also known as network detection software.

Techopedia Explains Network Discovery Software

Network discovery software is typically used in Wi-Fi networks to enable a Wi-Fi-enabled device to search for an access point (AP) to connect to. Such software either actively scans for an access point or passively listens for network SSID or data.

Network discovery software for businesses, besides helping in finding an active AP, also:

  • Searches for all devices on the network
  • Creates a visual network map/architecture/infrastructure
  • Gathers and creates network and hardware inventory
  • Provides network data for network management, monitoring or audit need

Some of the protocols and services used by such software to discover network nodes and gather data include TCP/IP, NetBIOS, SNMP and DNS.


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