Asset Tracking

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What Does Asset Tracking Mean?

In information technology, asset tracking is the process of keeping track of the movement of one or more IT assets throughout the organization.


It is practiced by IT administrators and managers to have administrative control and insight into the movement of the entire IT infrastructure.

Techopedia Explains Asset Tracking

IT asset tracking generally utilizes an IT inventory database that records and maintains inventory data for all:

  • Devices
  • Software
  • Network configuration
  • Cloud assets
  • IT documentation
  • Other IT infrastructure-related data

Asset tracking is generally performed through asset tracking software that scans the entire IT infrastructure network and compiles an inventory of all IT assets. Any change in the movement of devices is recorded for future reference. The change in movement can include:

  • IP address change
  • Physical relocation of device
  • Device removed from network
  • Software installation/uninstallation
  • Software license expiration

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