Network Inventory Management

What Does Network Inventory Management Mean?

Network inventory management is the process of keeping records of all the IT or network assets that make up the network.


It enables network administrators/businesses to have a physical record of all IT and network equipment within the organization.

Techopedia Explains Network Inventory Management

Network inventory management is generally performed to through IT asset tracking software that scans, compiles and records data about each device/node over a network.

Network inventory management may include:

  • Number of routers, their make, type and place of installation, serial number
  • IP addresses of all devices/nodes, IP addressing scheme used
  • Number and type of software along with license keys and expiry dates

This data helps businesses with:

  • Network size estimation
  • Network capacity planning
  • Network cost/ROI estimation
  • Physical network administration (to deal with device/equipment loss and theft)

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