Network Diagram Software

What Does Network Diagram Software Mean?

Network diagram software is a type of design software that enables network designers to create a logical map of a computer network.


It helps in defining and creating a visual network map or architecture of a new network before its physical implementation or for an existing network.

Network diagram software is also known as network diagramming software or network mapping software.

Techopedia Explains Network Diagram Software

Typically, network diagram software solutions have pre-stored icons of all the major and minor network icons. Users can drag and drop items/components in visually designing the network manually. Network diagramming software also includes pre-designed network topology and architecture templates that enable users to quickly create a network diagram of known configurations. Moreover, such software also has the ability to extract a network map/data from an existing network.

A network map, the eventual outcome of network diagramming software, is used by network designers and architects as a blueprint for network deployment.


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