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Server Monitoring

What Does Server Monitoring Mean?

Server monitoring is the process of reviewing and analyzing a server for availability, operations, performance, security and other operations-related processes.


It is performed by server administrators to ensure that the server is performing as expected and to mitigate problems as they become apparent.

Techopedia Explains Server Monitoring

Server monitoring can be performed using manual techniques and automated server monitoring software. Depending on the type of server, server monitoring can have different objectives. For example:

  • Application servers are monitored for server availability and responsiveness.
  • Storage servers are monitored for availability, capacity, delay and data loss.
  • Web servers are monitored for user load, security and speed.

Server monitoring also monitors performance and operations of components and equipment at a granular level, including:

  • CPU utilization
  • Storage availability
  • Communication interface responsiveness

Server monitoring’s primarily objective is the protection of a server from possible failure.


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